Young Ambassadors

La Fiera Italian Festival Myrtleford

Young Ambassador Scheme commencing 2019

About the Scheme

The La Fiera Italian Festival Myrtleford (La Fiera) Young Ambassador Scheme (the Scheme) involves the development of young people (16-30 years) in the Alpine Shire community who are interested in personal growth through community involvement and community service and leadership activities.  Applicants will be selected annually via a formal application process, which will involve an interview with the selection panel. 

La Fiera Young Ambassadors will be announced in late February each year with applications being sought in the November-December period in the preceding year.  Those selected as Young Ambassadors will undergo a part-time mentoring and learning program conducted by experienced local mentors to prepare them for being ambassadors, guides and junior leaders at La Fiera.  It is likely that the Scheme will attract public interest and ambassadors in-training, in the lead up to and during La Fiera Festival, may need to be available to participate in media and promotional events and activities, such as Young Ambassador profile features, La Fiera fund raiser dinner, La Fiera opening, reception for the Italian Consul General and other visiting dignitaries, representing La Fiera in traditional costumes etc.

Past La Fiera Festival Young Ambassadors may be invited to:

  • Assist in promoting the Scheme
  • Participate in the selection of future Young Ambassadors
  • Support and/or serve on the La Fiera Italian Festival Committee

Development/Mentoring Program

Young Ambassadors will undergo a six-eight module mentoring and learning program in the March to early May, period which may comprise the following areas:

  • History of the settlement of the Italian families in the Ovens Valley region and how those families integrated into and contributed to developing Myrtleford’s community and modern culture. – two sessions
    Traditional Italian culture that encompasses traditional social activities/customs, food and wine preparation and traditional costumes – two sessions
  • Local places identification/La Fiera Events Program – one session
  • Community Leadership with guest speaker(s) – one session
  • Communication skills, conversation making and public speaking – two sessions

Application Process

Scheme applicants must complete, sign and date the application form made available Here and submit it via email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Attention: La Fiera Festival Ambassadors Scheme Selection Panel by date and time stated in the application form. 

Short-listed applicants will be invited to attend an interview with the Selection Panel - as part of the application process. 

Successful applicants will be invited to attend the La Fiera Annual Fundraiser Dinner at the Myrtleford Savoy Club in late February (as guests) where the La Fiera Festival Young Ambassadors will be publicly announced. The families of successful applicants are encouraged to support this event.


Eligibility Criteria and Conditions of Participation

Those eligible to apply include those people between the ages of 16 and 30 years at the date the application closes who are residents of the Alpine Shire or have been educated in the Alpine Shire or have family residing in the Alpine Shire.

There are certain conditions of participation and they include:

  1. The La Fiera Festival Committee gives no undertaking to considering or accepting any applicant who applies for participation in the Scheme.
  2. The La Fiera Festival Committee reserves its right to reject and not process any application that contains false or misleading information.
  3. The La Fiera Festival Committee is not required to and gives no undertaking to process any application that is not received by the due time and date.
  4. Applicants must be aged at least 16 years and not over 30 years of age at the date application closes and must sign and date the application.  Note 1.
  5. Applications must be received in the form made available to applicants and must be lodged electronically via email, to the designated address, by 4.00pm on the date advised in the application form.
  6. Participation in La Fiera Festival promotional events and activities, including the La Fiera Festival Launch, media interviews and act as guides and junior leaders at the La Fiera Festival. 
  7. Young Ambassador applicants are advised and are to acknowledge that the La Fiera Festival Committee is a volunteer committee; the Scheme has been prepared and will be administered by volunteers and is to be undertaken strictly on a volunteer basis.
  8. The Scheme is subject to an annual application and selection process.
  9. Applicants are not required to pay an application fee.

Benefits in participating in the Young Ambassador Scheme

The benefits of participating in the Scheme are many.  Through their involvement in this leadership and community service program, participating Young Ambassadors will gain both personally and professionally as they learn about important cultural aspects of the development of the Ovens Valley communities and impart that knowledge to the many visitors at the La Fiera Italian Festival.

On completion of the bespoke mentoring program Young Ambassadors will be knowledgable, confident and articulate ambassadors.  Their ambassadorial skills will not only apply to the La Fiera Italian Festival but extend to and represent the Alpine Shire community as a whole. 

In summary, Scheme participants benefit from being role models as Young Ambassadors and in doing so, they prepare themselves to be our community’s and other community’s future leaders.  The Alpine Shire community benefits as a result.  Some benefits include:

  1. Young Ambassadors are likely to inject a level of positive, fun vibrancy to La Fiera that enhances the festive sensation being offered to La Fiera visitors and the local community.
  2. Young Ambassadors may introduce and/or implement contemporary/new ideas for festival activities that appeal to and attracts a wider demographic.
  3. Young Ambassadors are likely to introduce upgraded systems and efficiencies in planning and programming event activities and coordination, thus making the volunteer experience more enjoyable.  
  4. The Scheme provides mentoring opportunities for the more experienced members of the community through the passing on of important local knowledge, culture, skills and techniques – having the effect of increased awareness about Alpine Shire’s Italian cultural influences.
  5. Being involved in such a community-based event, provides Young Ambassadors opportunities to learn, develop and/or enhance their communication and leadership skills in a community/public setting.  They also learn and get to practice other attributes such as tolerance, patience and diplomacy – which is beneficial to all, particularly as role models to younger members of the community. 
  6. The Young Ambassador Scheme affords the La Fiera Festival opportunities for expansion of activities and succession planning whilst importantly maintaining the cultural and heritage links.
  7. Young Ambassadors become role models in the community and promote others to participate in the Scheme in following years.
  8. The Scheme builds confidence in all scheme participants (mentors and mentees alike) and has a direct and positive effect on underpinning self-esteem, general wellbeing and resilience in the community.
  9. The Scheme supports the maintenance of family connection to their home region, culture and wider community and may lead to a higher probability of returning in coming years.
  10. Subject to securing appropriate levels of sponsorship, each year, two Young Ambassadors, may be selected to represent the La Fiera Italian Festival at the Australian-Italian Festival, Ingham, North Queensland in August of the year of the Young Ambassadors’ participation - with fares and accommodation expenses-paid
  11. The Scheme increases the profiles of participants in the community and may result in commendations/supporting referee statements that lead to further opportunities to participate in similar programs and schemes including:
    • Alpine Valleys Community Leadership Program
    • Young Achiever Awards
    • North East Multicultural Association
  12. Becoming recognised as a leader in the Alpine Shire community through community service and leadership activities including either serving on the La Fiera Festival Committee or providing support in organising and/or assisting in the running of the La Fiera Festival. 


Those applicants under the age of 18 years must prove parent/guardian consent via the completion of the consent part of the application.



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